Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why Some Did Not Want Me

     I completed my student teaching in a private Christian school. The school is amazing and I feel fortunate to have been able to student teach there. I learned how to teach different grades and different subjects all in one semester. I learned some great teaching strategies and discipline methods. The kids are doing amazing and well, it was nothing but a positive experience.  I wish I could work there but they do not need anyone.

    I wondered though why no one in my area wanted me. I had done a lot of my practicum in one of the public schools, the one I really hoped to work at. I knew the principal and thought that might help.

     Mostly I wondered why I only received one call to interview with all of the open positions.  So, I called human resources to ask what was going on and was told that one of the schools had planned to interview me but someone told the principal that I had issues at the school where I'd  done a lot of my practicum. I was baffled because there had been no problems at all of which I was aware.

     After hearing that someone was saying I had issues at a school I asked the principal of that school and she said nothing was wrong that she was aware of. So I have no clue who said that or why. I know that I live in a small town full of a lot of gossipy people and also some who lie. I also know if the principal buys into all of that then I am lucky she did not call me to interview and I do not want to work at her school.

     While talking to HR I was also told that my interview for the Kindergarten position went great and I have a lot of great ideas but the only thing that bothered them was that my classroom and discipline methods are a bit old school. I was baffled because where I student taught we used some modern methods and I also really like the Wong methods. But I guess the Wong methods are old school now. I found that strange since my college still supports them. But, my college was a Christian school in another state.

    I learned in my school district it is no longer acceptable to put kids names on the board or to take away things like recess. Well the kids at the school where I student taught are well behaved and learning, the teacher does not have to waste time on discipline because they know they will lose recess if they misbehave. That all is another post in itself for a later time.

    I still wonder what else is going on in the other schools where I live but might never know. I kind of feel like I have been blackballed for some unknown reason. I will keep trying to get on at other schools and sub where I live. I will be a great teacher someday when someone does want me.



  1. I wonder if it is because your background is from a Christian school. I surely hope not.

  2. I hope not too. That would be sad. But after learning how they discipline now I can see how my methods are old fashioned. Now they want you to praise the kids who are behaving so the ones who are not follow along. Hmm I've never seen that happen but that is how they do it...Or reward the naughty kid for doing what he should every time he does it yet do nothing for the kid who behaves all the is all baffling.