Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Adventures-New Job!

     When I left the pre-school and discovered that the district where I live did not like my discipline methods I decided to reach out to the town 45 miles away again. I not only reached out there but to a town even farther away. I applied for every opening they had which were not many.

    I received a call one day on a job I had applied for except the principal said they also had a gifted and talented position open. I was thrilled because gifted and talented is actually my long term plan. A couple of years after I began my college degree in education I decided my passion was in gifted ed. But, gifted ed requires a special endorsement so I figured I would have to wait a few years.

     I interviewed for the job and got it. I was so excited! I will have to get the gifted and talented endorsement within 3 years but that is fine. I will do that.

     I am also excited that the new school is an A rated school. I will not only get to teach the subject matter I had hoped but will get to do it in a school where I can learn so much. Yes I will teach the students but it is also so exciting to know I will learn too.

     Monday will begin my new and exciting journey. It has taken a while but I am on my way...

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