Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Big Mistake

     I started my job at the Head Start on a Thursday. The first day was a nightmare. School is not in session yet but they had their summer program going. I had told the director from the start that I am not a babysitter and did not want to work in the daycare area but, that is what they have in the summer so she put me there. I thought that it was to train me but from what I was seeing they needed people and needed them right away. It was the worst job I have ever done.

     I went home and cried after the first day. The thought of doing that even one more day just made me so sad. It took all I had to return the next day but I did. I told the director that I hired for Head Start and only wanted to work toward getting my class ready and do training for my class. She said ok and put me in a room with a Head Start teacher who was subbing there for the summer with the older kids. That teacher was amazing and gave me hope that maybe things would be ok. I felt better about the job and was actually excited to get my room set up.

     I spent the weekend thinking of my classroom and how I would set it up. I was ready to go in Monday and start working toward that goal. School did not start for two weeks but there was a lot to do.

    Well, I went in on Monday and they put me back in the day care summer program area. They were very short staffed and that is where they needed me. But I had not hired on for that job so I was not happy about it at all. I decided that night I was not going to continue working there. I also decided after looking at the lesson plans in the summer class I was in that Head Start, Pre-School is not for me. There is a lot of play time which is fine, but I want to teach and teaching that little of kids is not what I went to college to do and not something I can handle.

     I decided I will sign on to sub until I can find a permanent position.

     So here I am without a steady job, kicking myself for turning down a good job in the town 45 minutes away thinking that I might start looking even farther away but hoping something will come around before I have to do that.

     This is sure not what I thought it would be like after I earned my degree.

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