Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Job Hunt Begins...

     I really thought once I completed my student teaching I would apply for some teaching jobs and well get one of them. My friends who became teachers seemed to just step into a job once they were done student teaching. Maybe it wasn't that easy but it sure appeared so to me. Well landing a teaching job has not been easy for me.

     I started applying for jobs with the school district where I live right after I applied for my license. there were several openings in my district and well, they always complain about the shortage of teachers so I thought for sure I would get one of the positions. I also applied for positions in a town 45 miles away.

    In June I was called for one interview in my town but it was at the school where I most wanted to teach and it was Kindergarten so I was very excited. I dressed nice, took my portfolio and thought the interview went rather well.

     Not long after that interview I went to one in the town 45 miles away to interview for a first grade position. That interview also went well but they called shortly after to let me know someone else got the position. I was bummed but hoping for the local job.

     I got the call soon after telling me I did not get the local job either. I was very upset because none of the other schools in my area had called me either and well, there were a lot of openings. I was baffled as to why no one was calling me. I did find out why one school did not call and also one problem with my interview at the school where I wanted to work most of all. I will save that for another blog.

     In July I completed a phone interview for a job in the town 45 minutes away. In the mean time I also applied at Head Starts because I just need a job. Head Start is not my area of study nor my desire but I need to get started on my career.

     I got one of the Head Start jobs and then another Head Start called me too. The second school offered more money so, being so financially strapped I left the first one and took the second. I had not actually started the first job so they had time to replace me. Then a few days before I was supposed to begin at the Head Start I was offered a 3rd grade position in the town 45 minutes away. I seriously considered it but felt that I was not ready to jump into a classroom where school had already begun. I was not sure I could handle the drive and just felt stressed over it. So, I turned it down and stuck with Head Start. That was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.

     So late August, there I was turning down a job that is more suited to my degree and beginning a job in an area of education that is well, very unfamiliar to me.



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