Monday, April 24, 2017

Third Grade Student/Teacher Written Play-Attack of Sharktopus

     I recently wrote about the student/teacher written play my enrichment class completed. We took it from an idea to the stage and they did a smashing job. They created the names for their characters, their personalities and brought them to life. 
     This is the actual play. All rights belong to Kim Miller and her Third Grade Enrichment Class. 
Set by Kim Miller and Alyse Roe
Costumes by Oliver Roe
Sharktapus – the bad guy
Dragon – thought to be bad
Belissa – a happy 20 year old   
Wonder Woman – The hero
Amy – 17 year old girl 
Sam – Happy 16 year old girl 
Ashley – 19 year old girl who likes make up and doesn’t like to be happy, likes to be mean.
Stephanie – 17 year old, likes make up, is always happy, a little goofy.
Stacey – 18 year old girl, is mean and doesn’t like crying
Tiffanie – 16 years old and is nice and helpful.
Grandpa Joe - Older man
Navajo Man – Narrator

A volcano explodes. It rains and turns the ash to rock.
A girl’s brother is going to the army to help fight the dragon.
Grandpa is bitten by the 
sharktopus who is really the bad guy, not the dragon.
In the end the people learn the dragon is actually good but the people don’t know that until the end. Sharktopus is the real bad guy and in the middle of the story he has a fight with the dragon.

Scene 1
The village has been under attack from the dragon. Tiffany‘s brother is going to the army to fight the dragon.

Setting: Village on an island near a volcano.

An elderly Navajo man is narrating the story.

Navajo Man: Many many years ago on the island of Pompeii there was an evil dragon that lived behind the volcano. The dragon wanted to eat the people in the village. The people were scared. They had an army that was blocking him from the village. The dragon was usually only mad when the people bothered him.”
Tiffany “I’m so scared, my brother is going to the army to fight the dragon.”
Belissa “Oh no, are you sad too?”
Tiffany “Yes. I don’t want him to go.”
Stephanie “How old is he and why does he want to go to the army?”
Ashley “It’s gonna be ok.”
Stacey “you’re such a baby.”
Ashley “Toughen up.”
Tiffany “Stop being mean!”
Ashley “ok, ok…geez.”
Stephanie “I got new shoes.”
Ashley “We’re not talking about shoes.”
Belissa “I thought I could see the bright in you Ashley. But you’re on your dark side”
Amy runs up to the group. “Hurry, hurry, grandpa is at the hospital. A shark bit him while he was swimming at the beach.”
All “Oh no”
The girls run off the stage.
Sharktopus enters the stage and shows his teeth and makes a shark sound.

Scene 2

Setting: In the hospital.

Grandpa is in bed and the girls are all there with him.

Ashley “Are you ok grandpa?”
Grandpa “No, I got bit by a shark and it hurt.”
Tiffany (gives grandpa a hug) “I’m sorry you got bit by a shark”
Belissa hugs grandpa too “Can you describe what the shark looks like?”
Sam “This shouldn’t have happened to poor grandpa”
Ashley “What kind of shark was it?”
Stephanie “Was it big?”
Stacey “Was it small?”
Amy “Did it have sharp teeth?
Grandpa “Wait! Stop! It was a sharktapus”
Amy “What is a sharktapus?
Sam “I knew it wasn’t a regular shark.”
Tiffany “Sharktapus is a legend, half of him is a shark and half is an octopus.”
Stephanie: “What kind of legend?”
Stacey “Isn’t it a shark legend?”
Ashley “Are you sure?”
Tiffany “A legend is a story from a long long time ago! Yes it is a shark legend and yes I’m sure because my brother saw him.”

Scene 3

Cut to center stage, hospital actors go dark.
Setting Center stage

Navajo Man: A long time ago everyone thought the dragon was mean but really Sharktopus was the mean one. One day in the village by Pompeii the dragon was protecting the village from Sharktopus. The two of them fought and all of the sudden Wonder Woman entered the scene.
Cut to stage right near the volcano where the dragon and Sharktopus are fighting. Wonder woman appears.
Wonder Woman: you better stop fighting or else I will tie you up!!”
A Girl “wait, wait, the dragon isn’t the bad guy, its Sharktopus”
Navajo Man: Wonder woman lassos Sharktopus and throws him into the water …until this day no one has heard about him.

Scene 4

Setting:  the hospital

Sam “Ssh Grandpa is trying to sleep.”
Tiffany “Do you want to know how Sharktopus got lose?”
Stacey “Yes”
Stephanie “Yes”
Ashley “yes”
Tiffany “One tentacle was not tied up and he cut the rest and got away.
Belissa: Cut the rest of what?
Tiffany: The rope silly.
Sam: “I saw writing on the beach and it said “I’m Back” It looked like it was written by a tentacle.”
Tiffany: “My brother told me the dragon is getting beaten up by the Sharktapus.”
Amy: “I’m scared!”
Stacey: “Me too.”
Tiffany:  “Me three.”
Ashley “where is the fight happening?”
Tiffany “By the volcano.”
Stephanie: “We should just go swimming.”
Everyone looks at her puzzled because that is such a goofy suggestion. Then they shake their heads in amazement at the suggestion.
From a distance grandpa shouts.
Grandpa: ““I’m hungry. I want toast with butter.”
Stacey, “I’ll get you some.”
Tiffany “I’ll help you”
Both exit toward the hospital.
Sam “We should set up a trap for Sharktopus that way he won’t hurt anyone else!”
Wonder Woman enters from stage left
Wonder Woman “Did you say set a trap?” Puts her hands on her hips “I can set traps!”
Stephanie “look its Wonder Woman!”
Stephanie “Can we get ice cream?”
Everyone looks at her again
All “No, what is wrong with you?”
Sharktapus comes up behind them all, they turn around, see him and all yell.
All “ Sharktopus!”
Sam “Run!”
The dragon comes up behind Sharktopus as the others run away but stay on stage.
Wonder Woman uses her powers to stop the fighting. She uses her powers to send Sharktopus back into the water.
Wonder Woman “That’s the end of Sharktopus, he can’t leave the water.” She waves her hand at the water.
Stacey runs back on the stage
Stacey: “What happened?”
Ashley (grumpily) “It’s a long story!”
Grandpa (yells) “My tummy is rumbly, I’m starving!”
Tiffanie runs on to the stage
Tiffanie: “What happened?”
Amy “Wonder Woman saved the day.”
Sam “Wonder woman tossed Sharktopus into the water so he can’t hurt anyone ever again!.”
All “Yea, Yea for Wonder Woman, our hero.”
Stephanie “Can we get ice cream now?
All “Yes!!”
Sam “Ice cream, can we have pizza too?”
Belissa “Yes we need pizza, let’s go…”
They all leave the stage.
From the water Sharktopus shows his head and grins.


  1. I bet it was a blast to create and to see!

    1. It was so much fun! I am trying to get permission from parents to post the performance.