Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Gifted Education Personal Learning Network

     For this weeks assignment in my gifted college class I have to build my personal learning network on gifted education through a twitter chat. I must say that twitter chat is very busy and too confusing. I decided I would start here and use this on my twitter. Personally I do not like all of the social chat rooms but would love to learn what others are doing for their gifted students.

     I try to find enriching and fun activities and projects for my kids. However sometimes that is hard becuase there are times the kids just seem to want to tune out no matter what you try. However sometimes they just need to let their minds rest.

     I teach in a pull-out situation so my kids are in the regular ed class most of the day. Their time with me is when we focus on their areas of giftedness and when we focus on things that are challenging and fun. I have thought they are bored sometimes when they just chill but have learned that is a time they need to let their minds rest and do something that requires little or no thiking time.

     Currently our project is creating an Escape Room.The kids are having a blast with this project.

     Once I have a network here I will share more of the projects my students have and plan to do.

     Please share with me your projects and ideas.

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