Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sadness as Student Teaching Nears the End

It is so hard to believe that next week will be my final week of student teaching. I will have one make up day but other than that I will be done.

I enter these final days with excitement for the new career I will be entering but with sorrow at leaving the school and people I have grown to love. Everyone has made me feel welcome an the kids are well, just darlings and I am going to miss them terribly.

I have learned a lot these last few weeks. I will share more of what I have learned in a later blog. For now I just wanted to check in and say that I'm almost done and I'm sad to leave. This is a hard part of student teaching. You get close to everyone and then you have to leave them.

I have gotten to know many of the parents and they are such amazing and wonderful people. They make me feel appreciated and have made me feel welcome from the start.

The other teachers are also wonderful. They make me feel like I belong.

Then there's the kids. They are so sweet and I will miss the so much.

I am so lucky to have completed my student teaching at such an amazing little school and I leave with a full heart.

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