Saturday, March 14, 2015

Creating Lesson Plans

I spent the last couple of days creating lesson plans for computer. It was not easy because I am creating plans that will teach and also fill in a pretty huge gap of time. I also have to create lessons for my course work and that is even harder.

The lesson plans that we create for college are so much different than the real world of teaching. I have not come across any of them during my student teaching phase or during any of my practicum. I've even discussed them with teachers and they have told me they don't use them either.  The actual lesson plans are much simpler and easier to create. Whew I am thankful for that.

It is annoying that I have to create this huge lesson plan, taking up ten pages or more, just for my course work but I will never actually do that once I have my own classroom. I have to implement this lesson plan too which goes against the norm of the class structure where I am teaching.

So that is what I spent the last couple of days doing, creating lesson plans to use because of college, not because it is something my teacher wants or something that fits the structure of the school but to meet course work. Seems a bit off to me but oh well, gotta go with it.

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