Monday, January 5, 2015

The Adventure Begins

Well the day I have been waiting for since the end of summer has finally begun. I started my student teaching today. It has not been easy getting to this point but finally, here I am.

I was actually scheduled to begin student teaching last August but the school that had accepted my placement backed out last minute because they were a new school and decided they could not meet my needs. When I say backed out last minute, I mean literally last minute. I was supposed to start on Monday and they terminated the placement the Friday before.

That left me no time to really set up a new placement because of the lateness of the termination and other obstacles that stood in my way.

So I finally decided to start student teaching in the spring session which is now.

I am completing my student teaching at a small private Christian school. I love the little school because they use traditional teaching methods.

My first day was rough though. Not because of the kids or the other teachers, because I have been sick and it was a long day.

I got there at 7:30 AM and left at 5:45 PM. We did get a lunch but it was in the classroom. There really just were not a lot of breaks. I also have not worked or anything for a while so it was hard being gone that long in one day. I am sure I will adjust.

One consolation so such long days is that the school is a 4 day week so I will have every Friday off. That will be wonderful.

I love the school and it is going to be a lot of fun. I will learn a lot too. I don't like getting up at 6:30 though but will adjust to that soon too.

My classes will begin again on Thursday so the next 16 weeks will be hard ones but in the end I will be a licensed teacher.

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