Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back to Work, Back to School

    The last couple of weeks have been quite the journey. I went back to work on August 10 and started college on August 18. Both are keeping me very busy.

     I began my gifted and talented master degree. I am taking this degree at Grand Canyon University. The course work is challenging but the new knowledge is inspiring.

     My first class is in brain based learning. I absolutely love this topic. I wish that all teachers and educators had to take it. Brain Based is the best way to learn about the mind of a human and reach the entire child. But that for a later blog.

     Juggling college and full time work is a trial especially when  my job is located 70 miles away. I think the drive is the hardest part of my job this year. For some reason it is really getting to me.

     But all of this aside I still love my job and enjoy college...


  1. sounds like you are very busy remember to rest.

  2. Your job is 70 miles away! AND you're going to school? Ambition is good, but remember to let yourself recharge.

  3. I am glad you figured out to enjoy going to collage at the same time working a full time job. I know that can be a challenge.

  4. What with one thing and another you'd better allow time for yourself or you'll be overwhelmed!